Hey! I’m India Vine..

And I have a little obsession with Personal Development, you know that stuff they write about in motivational books? 

Well yeah.. that’s kind of my thing... But not just the motivational stuff.. the actual tools, techniques principles and self reflection that truly transforms your world. 

 And I’m on a mission to bring working on yourself and working on your life.. into the mainstream of today’s culture..

Why? Because here’s a little tip I’ve learned on my own journey of life.. if you’re not working on yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually and actively growing and evolving into living your best life and discovering what that is for you, you’re missing the link to truly feeling your absolute best and truly LIVING your life, not just existing in it! 

Seriously.. you can drink all the green juices and hit the Stairmaster for as long as you want but you won’t feel super healthy if you don’t have a clear mind and a great mindset.. You can buy all the Gucci slippers and handbags you could possibly dream of but that happiness won’t last if you’re not fulfilled in your everyday life.. You can be in the ultimate relationship and have great friends, but you still will attract complications if you don’t love yourself first… and that’s because it ALL starts and stops in your mind… and guess what? Every single thing becomes better when you have the tools to do life with.

You can have complete power over your life, but it all starts with accessing the deep parts of YOU.

 How do I know this?

Well.. because i’ve lived it.. I spent 23 years of my life in a VERY toxic relationship that kept me from feeling truly happy…

and that relationship was with myself..

In those years my mind raced.. usually with some kind of negative thought about myself and my life, what I looked like and what I should look like or it would be busy conjuring up some kind of overthinking pattern or intense emotion like anxiety or stress that completely consumed me.

And on the ‘good days’ I’d be bored out of my brain just doing whatever came my way and counting down the minutes til the weekend.. so basically I was counting away the minutes of my life..

I just couldn’t understand how to feel good about me.. other people seemed to have it so ‘figured out’ so I tried endlessly to change myself from the outside.. I compared myself to everyone else and tried changing how I looked, working on my health or buying things to try and fulfil me and it just made matters worse.. because I was still left confused and desperate for lasting happiness… I just wanted to feel good!


It’s funny how the universe works..

One day, after wanting and hoping to have answers about how to make life really good..

I stumbled across them, I discovered a new world, and I went on my own journey or Personal Development.

Once I got a taste for it, I searched high and low for ALL the different tools and techniques to make lasting change.. and I truly transformed my life! And it wasn't until then that I could see clearly.. and I got to hit the refresh button on my life!

I also realised how common it is to feel the way I felt, in fact, I realised it was more common for people to be unfulfilled with life than it was for them to be truly living it..!

And I knew pretty quickly, that this has all happened, so that I could gift these same tools and techniques to you and so that you could hit the refresh button on your life and start truly loving yourself and your life.

That’s what I’m about.. being About THAT Life.. the one full of depth, growth and magic.

Oh yeah.. Did I mention I’m a High School drop out and Mum of 3..? Oh and I’m 24 years old.

So basically I’m just a sleep deprived mama, winging this whole business thing.. Powered by almond Latte’s and a huge dream to help as many people as possible unlock that next level of themselves, to start living the life they came here to experience.

I promise it’s possible.. and it’s all waiting inside of you, desperate to be unlocked.


And I’m here to guide you to unlock it.


The About That Program.

When I understood the power of Self Awareness, Personal Growth and Self Development, I knew I needed to develop my own version of it and get it out to the world. 

I saw this amazing process and it's potential and I realised how unbelievably crucial it is that everyone get's the chance to work on themselves and figure their lives out on a deeper level!

That's when I created The About That



My journey and my story are the reason why I created About That and The About That Program.

I think it's so important for people to see where I've been to understand where I am coming from and the passion behind what I do.

This story is an example of how crucial working on yourself is, and how transformational this process can be!


Health. Life. Mind. Mumlife.

And all things in between. 

Journeys. Stories. Lessons.

Sometimes reading other peoples journeys and the lessons they've learnt is enough to change your entire life in one day.