Gym vs. Home Workouts


So as many of you see on my Instagram stories, I frequently workout in my kitchen at home in the mornings. I have been working out in my kitchen for about a year now and I absolutely love it! And I have been getting so many questions about what I do when I workout, how do I do it, do I follow a particular program, what kinds of exercises do I do and so on! So I thought I would break that all down for you in this blog series.

Working out from home can be a little daunting, I would definitely agree with that and it took me quite long time to figure out how to actually make working out from home work and make it work as effectively as going to the gym! So I’m passing on this advice to you, because this is exactly what I needed when I first decided I was going to give up going to the gym for my exercise routine, and it might be just what you need to finally create the exercise routine you'll want to stick to!

Now before I lose you.. if you're not into exercising from home or exercising at all (but might like to be if you knew what to do..) all of these posts can be related to working out in a gym setting as well, and you will get value out of reading them whether you are wanting to start an at home workout routine, whether you just want to gain some more fun ways to workout (gym or not), whether you need a bit of extra motivation and a few strategies on how to make any exercise routine last orrrr if you are totally new to exercise and have absolutely no idea where to start! 

The first thing I’ll be touching on in this little series of Working out From Home is:

Gym Vs. Home workouts - What's more effective?

A lot of the time people think that they need to go to a gym multiple times a week for at least an hour or more to have an effective gym routine and see results.. and maybe they might of dabbled in the occasional at home workout if they feel like it but feel like the most people are under the illusion that the main brunt of their exercise needs to be done in the gym, so is this the case?

Do you really need to go to the gym to gain the results you’re after or can you get them from working out at home? 

Well.. the short answer to this is of course, is that everyone is very different!  

The key to anything to do with your health is consistency and actually doing something on a routine basis. This means that whatever you are more likely to do on a routine basis, is what is going to be most effective for you.. there is not point going to the gym every now and then and there is no point in working out from home every now and then. This means you need to work out what works best for you and what you enjoy enough to do more than just every now and then.

This of course means you need to weigh up your lifestyle and consider what is your best solution. And this goes for everything from the type of exercise, to the time of day you do it, what days you do it, where you do it, how you do it and they way you most enjoy it. Exercise is not punishment nor should it be a pain or a hassle, its something we are very lucky to be able to do and some people would kill to do if they were able, and is insanely beneficial for everyone. Believe me I didn't start out with this mindset, and if someone told me about the benefits of exercise back in the day, I would of just told them it wasn't for me! I was the least sporty person I knew growing up, I used to pick fights with my P.E. teacher to get out of doing the class or purposely forget my uniform every.single.time. - in hindsight this wasn't because I 'wasn't sporty' it was because of a subconscious fear that I would never be as good as anyone doing the sport and I would embarrass myself if I tried and it took me a very long time to realise that was just a story that I wrote a long time ago, and I could be good at exercise if I wanted to but first I had to commit to it and actually start. My point with saying that is, if you think you're not sporty or not fit or not cut out for exercise well the truth is that's just a story you’ve written about yourself that you’ve forgotten to unwrite and you’ll feel insanely different about your whole life if you just give up that story and start moving your body. (This post goes into some other things that block us from starting an exercise routine (the gym is one, and luckily that block is being removed as I type because a little hint - you don’t need a gym to get fit!)

Now what I mentioned before is that finding an exercise routine that works is very different for all of us! For some, going to the gym is what they need to get into exercise. Maybe that’s because they want to do classes or use the gym equipment or even use a PT which is SO good, anything that gets you moving is amazing and you should be really proud of yourself if you are moving your body on a consistent basis! 

Then there's the other side of it, for a lot of people they don’t have any idea of how to move their bodies and find the whole thing complicated and intimidating and something that just overwhelms them completely, so they simply don’t do any kind of exercise (but deep down they really want to push past those blocks that they just don’t know where to start) Some people even find they have gotten themselves as far as getting and committing to a gym but then still don’t know where to start once they actually get there, so they will go on the treadmill for a while and end up leaving out of sheer confusion and boredom, I’ve been there don’t worry.

But what everyone needs to know is the facts remain the same, exercise has SO many benefits that domino into every part of your life, and make you feel insanely good, it effects literally everything! Which means we really need to learn how to implement it and move our bodies, no matter what! In saying that, we need to remember how different we all are and not only do we need to learn how to move our bodies, we need to learn what is right for us individually and what is right for us at that point of our lives - because something that works for someone else will quite possibly not work for you!

For some this means working out in a gym, for some it might be lifting heavy weights, for some its using light weights or body weight exercises, for some its going to body pump or spin classes or going for a run outside, for some its doing pilates or yoga or simply walking and for some it might be playing competitive sports!

For me personally I used to go to the gym 5-7 x per week (this was in the height of my very disordered lifestyle that you can read about in My Story if you haven’t yet! And I was so adamant that this was what you needed to do in order to get fit or stay in shape, in fact I would beat myself up and punish myself for days if I missed a day BUT once I started healing the relationship I had with myself and my body, and re-writing some of the stories I had previously written about how I needed to be in order to be 'skinny' and learned how to cope with and navigate the controlling and negative thoughts in my head (basically once I'd gone on the journey of Self Development, which is what I do for a living now) I soon learned, you actually do not need to go to the gym day in and day out to stay fit or in shape, you actually don’t need to go to the gym at all and can still do just as much, if not more exercise than if you did! This was learned pretty organically for me, through healing all the deep emotional trauma that was controlling me to go to the gym as much as I was, but it also happened organically when I started studying and deciding to set up a business. 

I found I needed as much time as possible to work on what I had going on, which meant I slowly stopped going to the gym at all because let’s face it going to the gym can actually be a two or more hour ordeal! By the time you get there do the workout shower etc and get home or get to wherever you need to go, it can take up a LOT of time which I think isn’t visible for a lot of people, and I think this can also be a bit of a block as to why people don’t exercise. So if I didn't work out at home, I wasn't going to be working out at all, and that would of made me feel like crap.

Of course I had all the initial thoughts of 'if I workout from home I won't be as fit or in shape as I was when I was working out at the gym' but the weird truth is, the exact opposite of that was what ended up happening! I ended up in better shape and feeling better than ever when I moved my workouts to the comfort of my own home.

Some of the things that make working out from home make it so much more appealing to me, and are also so helpful for people to be able to remove the many blocks we can put in front of exercise.

These benefits of Home Workouts include:

  • There’s no transit time which makes it quick as ever - you can always fit it in before work/school/uni wherever you’re at, it seriously takes me about 45 minutes to do my full workout including warming up and stretching and getting a serious sweat on! 
  • If you prefer to work out after work, as soon as you're finished you're already home and can have a shower and some dinner and call it a day - Instead of having to trek home after a long day and a workout!
  • You can have breaky straight after! Talk about a motivation to get it done, whats more motivating than knowing you still have plenty of time to have a delicious and healthy breaky after your workout and get to wherever you need to get to on time.
  • There’s no need to see anyone or worry about what you look like and this means you can work twice as hard because theres no need to worry about looking like a beetroot and running into someone. (I’m one of those people that look like an actual beetroot after working out)
  • For those who get intimidated in a gym setting, you don’t need to worry about anyone watching you, you can do it in your bedroom if you want!
  • It’s free! Gym memeberships, especially fancy ones can be exy and make you feel guilty if you don’t use them. 
  • It’s extremely effective - I find when you are at the gym, a lot of the time we spend way too much time just faffing around and wasting time, having super long rests, talking to people, setting up and packing up different equipment and basically just proscrastinating which means our heart rate stays pretty low with all those gaps between exercises - with at home workouts it’s quick and effective because you keep your heart rate up the whole time by not wasting time faffing around which makes it very effective, for me - a lot more effective than going to the gym.
  • You can wash your face properly after - no exercise induced pimples!
  • Also on the skin topic, if you hate not wearing make up and insist on wearing make up to the gym (which of course is not good for your skin to be sweating into all those blocked pores) you don’t have to worry about that in the comfort of your own home.
  • If you’re a Mum, you are setting a great example for your kids and encouraging them to care about their health, my little girl often joins in and now wants to run her own exercise classes with her friends. 
  • Also if you’re a Mum, you don’t need to worry about finding care or someone to watch your munchkins (don’t worry mums I’ll do a post on how I exercise with the kids around) which can be difficult financially and often that leads to a big fat block in front of exercise.
  • You can try and learn new exercises with no one around and the fear of judgment is gonneeee! 
  • You can be a beginner or advanced and feel comfortable in both - (lots of people have a fear of going to the gym because they don’t feel fit enough) well that’s not an issue at home - you can get fit AF at home then go into the gym feeling unstoppable! Gaining the confidence you want in the gym at home first is an easy way to combat the feelings of not feeling confident in the gym.
  • The exercise equipment I use at home is very cheap to buy and doesn’t take up much space at all! Don’t worry i'll tell you what I use, where I get it, and how I store it in a later post.
  • Its reliable - you don’t have to rely on the weather to determine if you will exercise that day or not. 
  • It doesn’t take up nearly as much space as you would think (my house is tiny and I still have enough room to use a skipping rope in the kitchen)


If you’re finding it hard to get to start an exercise routine or stick to one and you feel like that might come down to not wanting to rely on a gym or the weather outside, I would strongly encourage you to start putting your focus on home workouts instead of gym workouts.

Often focusing on Gym workouts are what’s blocking us and intimidating us from starting and sticking to exercise and that shouldn’t be the case. I actually found that when I started exercising from home, I found a new found love for exercise! This is because when I was going to the gym everyday I started getting extremely stressed out because of the amount of pressure I was putting on myself! But when I started exercising from home I started to exercise the way I wanted, not the way I thought I had to because of the thought in my head that people were watching and judging my fitness abilities (which they probably weren't, but that didn't stop me from thinking they were) and I always worked myself into the ground because I was trying to look a certain way in the gym instead of listening to my body. That stress then accumulated and I had a complete burnout and developed severe adrenal fatigue because of the amount of stress and pressure I was putting my body under, so all the amazing endorphins and feel good chemicals were gone for quite some time and I actually started to gain weight instead of lose weight - because my body thought I was in real danger with the amount of stress I was under so it started to store fat instead of burning it (don’t worry i'll cover this topic in a post later down the track) and it wasn’t until I started to workout from home and listening to my body that I started to feel amazing again after exercising! Instead of feeling like a shaking, crying mess (literally I was on the verge of tears every time I worked out when I had burnt out my adrenals) and it wasn’t until I started working out at home again that my body responded the way I wanted it to! See it's not always a case of needing more and more! Sometimes more is way too much! I still push myself to get results, but not in the way I used to think I had to.




So in conclusion what’s more effective - Gym or At Home Workouts?

Well for any exercise routine to be effective it comes down to two main things and these are all that you need to worry about when you're figuring out how to implement healthy habits to your life: 
The key to effectiveness with ANYTHING (eating healthy, exercise, mindset) is that it all comes down to what you do consistently - whatever you can make work and do often (not every single day but not just every now and then) is all you need to be worried about - even if it’s walking!

The other thing that makes an exercise routine effective and gives you results, is doing something thats fun! And actually feels good for you after you do it, not something that makes you feel stressed out and in pain or extreme discomfort - because let me tell you from experience, if you’re feeling like that all the time - your body is not into what you are doing to it and all sorts of problems can pop up.

Consistency and enjoyment is ALL that matters when it comes to effectiveness and results with changing your body and improving your health.

But, if you’re worried that an at home workout isn’t going to be as effective as going to the gym - I can tell you, it most certainly will be! And I will help you make it as effective as possible.
Now I should say of course every now and then I still like going to a gym because they obviously have a tonne of equipment that I don’t have and its good just to switch things up - but I love my at home workouts so much and I’m a lot happier and more productive doing a workout from home then I was when I was slogging it out in the gym every other day and wasting hours of my day trying to fit that in.
So if you’ve been blocked from an exercise routine because of a fear of going to the gym - subconscious or conscious (subconscious usually means we will find millions of excuses, but fear is usually the real underlying issue) or if the whole thing just doesn’t work on your schedule - then luckily this blog series might be just what you need!
So for now, start wrapping your head around creating an exercise routine from home if you like the idea of that, and I’ll start showing you how to make it possible and effective!