Which Exercises to use in a Home Workout.

Hey guys! 

Sorry about my delay on posting the second part to my How To Workout From Home Series! As I said on my Instagram last week - this pregnancy (Yes, I’m pregnant if you didn’t already catch that) is taking up a lottttt of my energy, and working on the biggest project ever (The About That Program - My guide through Self Development, Personal awareness and Personal Growth) plus taking care of my little energiser bunnies, running a household, trying to share on Instagram + the About That Blog and growing a little human is quite taxing, to say the least! So I am trying my absolute best to fit in everything and do everything I had planned to do before I found out there was a little peanut in my belly!


SO anywayyyy… Today’s part of the series is: What exercises I actually use when working out from home! And I also break down how to find exercises that will work for you and how to start getting familiar with a range of different exercises! 

So originally I had planned to film some of my home workouts and post them, however now that I’m pregnant, I’m not sure if I will do this just at the moment! It mayyyy still be a possibility in the future but for now I will try my best by just giving you different ways to learn some exercises and give you as many resources as possible to do that!

So basically when you’re working out at home you’re going to be using body-weight exercises for example: A standard squat with no weights or a plank or burpees etc. and TRUST me body weight exercises are a LOT harder than they look!! And actually get your heart rate up super quick! Which makes them extremely effective at burning fat AND toning up (building muscle.. they are the same thing, and trust me body-weight and low weight exercises are the best way to tone up and no they most definitely do not make you bulky like I originally thought) So these exercises can be seriously effective as all inclusive workout, Especially when they are structured right! But to switch it up and give the workouts more variety, which makes them even more effective! You can also use exercises that involve some kind of weight! And to do this you just need to choose a couple of pieces of weighted equipment e.g. A pair of Dumbbells or a Medicine Ball or a Kettle Bell - all which you can get from Kmart, really cheap! (I’ll do a breakdown of the equipment I use regularly in another post and I how I actually use them, where I got them from etc)

Finding exercises to use:

So the first thing to do is become familiar with some exercises if you’re not already familiar with some already. 

What I advise you do to have confidence when you're working our from home, is to make a little list, or a little 'menu' in the notes on your phones of different exercises so you can just go onto the list and choose the ones you want to use that day The other thing to do which I find really  handy, is to screen shot demonstrations of exercises and save them in an album in your photos on your phone - Don't worry, I will give some resources for different ways to do this!

If you don’t know any exercises at all, I recommend using my list below and googling anything you’re not sure of! Just type the name of the exercise I’ve listed below and a demonstration should come up on how to do it. Most exercises have pretty strange names that aren’t really self explanatory, but the exercises are pretty standard. 

Now I've had to be quite limited with the exercises I’ve listed because to be honest a lot of the exercises I use are ones that, after quite a while of using this style of exercise (often the exercises and workouts I do at home were the same that I used to do when I went to the gym) I’ve made up by combining different exercises together i.e. A downward dog X Mountain climber - which is obviously something I made up, with a completely made up name, that doesn’t really make a lot of sense unless its shown in person or on a video demonstration! I don't tend to just stick to the basic exercises anymore because I’ve figured out what exercises are most effective for me and that's usually when you take a standard exercise and upgrade it a little to work more muscle groups at once! So I'm sorry I can’t demonstrate those! Eventually at some point I will start filming these exercises for you, but for nowwww I’ve had to keep it kind of basic with the exercises I’ve listed, so that when you type them into google they will actually come up and you will not be left just as confused as you may of started! 

The other thing I reccomend you do and a very handy resource is going onto some Instagram accounts that post workout videos and watch some of the exercises they are doing - then use the little save flag on Instagram and save them so you can go onto your Instagram and get reminded of a few different exercises if you’re struggling! You can also screen shot the exercise and save it to the folder in your phone to refer to!

Here are some Instagram accounts that post great workouts, that are actually trustworthy (some can be a bit sketchy):











@laurahenshaw + @stephclairesmith


Most of these accounts actually sell programs and if you’re wondering do I recommend programs? Well, I started out with one, so of course! I will write a longer post on this though because I do have a little more to say on this topic, but I started out with Kayla Itsines Program and it was a perfect place to start! But like I said I do have more to say about this which are things I wish I knew before starting a program, which is why I will do a seperate post on that.


The other helpful tip which is what I did when I was finding my own exercises quite a few years ago (yes, I did all of what I am telling you to do in this post, we all start somewhere!) is to download the PopSugar app: Popsugar Active (its free) as they have heaps of at home workouts, all with visuals of how to do the exercises and most of them are exercises you can do from home - they also have a website and i'll link some good posts from them here:








The other place to get started on finding some good exercises is Pinterest! They have lots and lots of different resources for exercising at home, if you just put in the search bar: Home workouts or Exercises or Body-weight exercises and heaps will come up!


So, I reccomend choosing just a few exercises at a time and getting to a point you feel comfortable with them by practising them while you’re searching around so that when it comes to doing the structure (which I will explain in the next series - that post is vital because it will make this whole thing so much easier) You can use that and the list or menu on your notes on your phone, so that you have a few go-to exercises and can choose them quickly and are already confident with them. 


OKAY, so some of the exercises I do from home are: 

(Just remember I’ve had to post pretty basic ones, but they can all be made harder which you will start to do yourself eventually! And some of them I’ll have to explain because they don’t have technical names but hopefully they’re kind of self explanatory and you should be able to work them out without googling them)


Jump squats

Jump lunges 

Reverse lunges

Triceps dips - using a stable chair or coffee table or steps)


Plank shoulder taps

Mountain climbers (fast)

Mountain climbers (slow)

Push ups

Push ups on knees 

Pliè squats

Straight arm planks

Elbow Planks 

Plank jacks 

Donkey kicks 

Butterfly kicks 

Leg raises 

Leg + arm raise together holding a weight i.e. Medicine ball


Burpee with push ups 

High knees runs on the spot


Sumo squat jumps 


Sumo squats with dumbbells 

Russian twists

Bicycle crunches

Bird dogs

Fire hydrants 

Leg + Arms lowers holding a weight 

Reverse crunches

Curtsy squats

Hip raises

Hip raise pulse

Side lunges


Modified burpees

Burpees + Push ups

Step ups (onto a stable chair or coffee table or steps)

Squat + Side kicks

Squat press (Holding a pair of dumbbells)

V - Ups

Down dog crunch


Sit ups

Sit up with Punches (holding dumbbells in each hand)

Side planks

Side planks dips

Side plank arm tucks (either with a weight or no weight)




There are so so many more - but start by looking through this list and choosing ones you might already be familliar with, and googling ones that you are not! 

Then use the resources mentioned above and make an album in your photos on your phone of screen shots of demonstrated exercises, then write out your own list, so that you have a menu to choose from when it comes to structuring a workout which is what we will get into in the next post!

I promise, once you start just giving it a go, and getting creating with your workouts and using some of the resources I’ve posted as guides - you’ll become so confident with working out from home, and fitting exercise into your life will become so so much easier! Which of course makes it more effective because you’ll actually want to do it on a routine basis! 

Nothing changes if nothing changes, and change comes from taking action! So just give it a go, you’ll surprise yourself with how easy it actually can be to workout from home and create a effective and lasting routine!


Look out for the next post so you know how to use these exercises in an actual workout! I'll explain different ways to structure a workout, which will make this whole thing SO much easier!!!