How to actually design and set up your own workout!

So! FINALLYYY! This is part three of my little How To Workout From Home Series (as promised) and this is probably the most crucial post in this whole series and the number one thing that you need to actually start an at home workout routine! In todays post I’m going to be breaking down actual ways to workout when you’re at home and how to design you’re own workouts! This means how to structure them, formulas to follow and resources to use to make the whole thing a lot easier! So, like I said, this is the most important part of the series, as not having any idea how to actually set up a workout is the bit that can get people overwhelmed and overthinking the whole thing! 

But it can actually be so simple.. you just need a few little formulas up your sleeve and you’re good to go!


So in the last post I broke down which exercises are good to use in at home workouts and how to become comfortable with new exercises and find your own etc! But obviously if you have no structure to a workout, you’ll start doing some of these exercises, get confused and probably stop straight away! 

So using the last post: What exercises I actually do, which you can find here:

Start to get familiar with a couple of exercises using the resources I gave and choose 10-20 exercises that you are confident doing just to get started with, like I said last week, I recommend screen shoting exercise how-tos and saving them in a file in your phone to quickly refer to, I also reccomend using the save option on Instagram and saving some workouts that are posted by Instagram fitness accounts - I posted a few account that I like and trust on the post last week. 

Once you have a few exercises that you’re comfortable with, the next step is to structure them into a workout. 

There are obviously millions of ways you can do this but I’m going to give you some of my go-to workout structures.


45/15 Workout:

My personal favourite way to workout (this is what I do most of the time) is to perform an exercise for 45 seconds and then rest for 10-15 seconds before starting the next exercise - I usually mix it up by doing a few different high intensity exercises (burps, jump squats, mountain climbers or high knees) with some slower more muscle targeted exercises (squat and press with a weight, push ups, planks) this means you are not only keeping your heart up rate really high (burning fat) you are also strengthening your muscles (which keeps you burning fat when you’re not exercising). I usually do these one minute (45/15) intervals about 25 times, and i'll either do that by choose 5 different exercises and doing 5 sets of those exercises (5 exercises is one set - repeated 5 times = 25 minutes workout) or I will just do different exercises the whole 25 minutes and just do whatever I’m feeling while I’m doing it (this is a bit easier when you have a lot of exercises that you have memorised) So you’re probably wondering how I actually set this up, its pretty easy, there are lots of different Apps on your phone that are designed for this kind of thing, that are basically exercise circuit timers that you can put the amount of time you’re exercising/resting and how many sets you want to do in and it will alert you with beeps when to start and stop etc. The app I use is called: Seconds - and I highly recommend it! But I know theres lots of others that are good too. Don't be fooled by the short amount of time it takes to do this workout, its highly effective, often more so than going to the gym and fluffing around with too much rest or talking to people, setting different things up etc.

You don’t have to follow this exact formula, even just starting by setting the timer and doing 3 exercise for 45 seconds on 15 off and doing 3 sets of that will help you to build up your fitness when you’re just getting started.



The timer workout:

The next formula is to simply set your timer on your phone for 5,6 or 7 minutes (depending on your level of fitness) and performing any exercises you have up your sleeve, back to back for the whole period of time with minimal rest, when the timer goes off have a 1-2 minute rest and then repeat that 3 or 4 times and voila! You will have done a super effective workout - Once you become more confident with different exercises, to make this workout really effective you can focus on one area of the body i.e. Abs or Legs and you can also improve the effectiveness by mixing up between higher intensity exercises and slower more muscle targeting exercises and combining both to really target your whole body!



Reps/Sets formula: 

The other way I like to structure a workout at home is just a standard Rep/Set formula - which basically means you choose (for example) 5 different exercises, you do 12-15 reps of each (a rep is the amount of times you perform the exercise i.e. 15 push ups) and that makes one set. That set could be repeated 3,4,5 times (wherever you’re at with your fitness level would determine how many sets you could do) OR you can just keep going with these sets until you can’t do anymore!

The structure of a workout can be so simple, it could be as simple as skipping for 1 minute then holding a plank for 1 minute and repeating this 8 times. (This is actually a very effective workout!)

Or choosing ten different exercises, doing 15 reps of each exercise and repeating it twice!

The actual structure doesn’t need to be over complicated, all of these structures I’ve mentioned are highly effective, the most important thing to actually do is to structure your workout in the first place, because if you don’t, you won’t have a plan to follow, and you’ll either stop after a short amount of time, or you’ll be left feeling unsatisfied because you won’t feel like you’ve followed a complete workout. 

I also recommend you make sure you’re doing a little warmup and cool down at the start and end - a warm up could be as simple as star jumps, running on the spot or skipping (I personally skip for 5 minutes before starting each workout).

Then to cool down, just choose some standard stretches and hold them for 15 second each (30 seconds is ideal).


If you’re thinking well is that enough time to actually get results from a workout? The answer is YES!, Seriously, these little workouts don’t seem like much but they are actually super effective and get your body straight into that fat burning state - They are so quick that they are over and done in no time and they are super easy to fit into your schedule before or after work etc and like I've said previously, it doesn’t actually matter what workout you’re doing, the only thing that matters in order to get results is doing it consistently, these are easy formulas which will make you a lot more likely to perform them consistently!

My advice would be to test out each of these methods and see which ones you like, I actually mix it up all the time! 

The other, really important bit of advice I would give to you to actually get started with an at home workout routine is to decide your structure the night before and schedule it in! This means the night before, you write in your diary or calendar on your phone, which workout you’re doing, which exercises you’re going to use, and what time you’re starting - this will make you about 80 percent more likely to actually do it!

Like I said in last weeks post, these workout structures can be followed in a gym as well, in fact when I used to go to the gym five or six days a week, I would actually be following these exact formulas!


All healthy habits come down to consistency, just start - even if its two times a week, you will be doing wonders for your body.


The next post I will write about is my experience with following workout programs! E.g Kayla Itsines - BBG (had many requests for this one, so ill definitely post it soon!)

If you have any other questions about at home workouts, let me know!!! X