This is why I do what I do…



It's a long one, think of it as a mini memoir.

This story goes into depth about how badly my mind was conditioned to only look at my life in a certain way. I never knew that my thoughts were what was creating my reality, and I didn't realise I had to stop, reassess and evolve if I was ever going to see my life clearly.


My story is also also a big reflection on the philosophy that you can't have a healthy body without a healthy mind first.. We have to develop ourselves on every level to achieve the feeling we want from living a healthy lifestyle - and believe me, it took me a very long time and a lot of resistance to accept that.

This was a difficult decision to be so open about the workings of my mind and how it affected my life, but I do this so that you can hopefully start to connect some of the dots in your own life.

My story may be very different to yours and you may feel as if you don't relate to it, however what I think most people can relate to, is the difficulty we have tuning into our thoughts and being able to navigate them. We all go through countless emotions and thousands of thoughts every single day, and if you are completely unaware of them, life can seem really difficult.

But my mission is to make that easier for you, so here's a bit about why that became my mission..

Reading this journey, you will start to understand just how toxic we can be towards ourselves, sometimes while thinking we're completely fine. 



Self loathing since I was a little girl. Overweight. Unhealthy. Unwell. Confused. High school drop out. 18 year old mother. 


Weight loss success with a side of eating disorder. Desperate for answers. 


Answers. Awakening. Transformation. First taste of the life I had always wished for. The start of my life.